United Arab Emirate’s social life is built on Islamic religion.

Main factors of Islam religion on UAE culture:
-Language (Arabic/ Quran)

-Arts and Literature
-Food (Halal food1)
-Traditional cloth

1.Halal: Meat that is killed based on the Islamic way but excluding pork meat

Lifestyle of UAE

-Women stays at home to do the domestic work and men go to work. Furthermore, women can do their own business but from home between neighbors and family.
-Women was educated(Quran and literature) at home and had a female teacher.
-Women can work in all fields like men.
-Women are educated in the schools and universities.

-Extended families

-Nuclear families

An important aspect that shows UAE culture is the:
• The style of the houses and building that reflects Islamic perspective
(Courtyard style that gives privacy to the family and best example of those
old houses is at Al Bastakiya).
In Gathering times men and women is separate
-Men usually gather with each other in the “Majles”
-Women gather with other women

From the right
The tradition is that the person on the right should enter the door first.Throwing in a simple “Min Yameen” will alert him to the knowledge of the concept that means from the right.

Essence of hospitality
• Offering coffee is considered essential in the Arab worlds and specially in UAE because it’s a symbolic of hospitality.
Therefore, it is considered rude to decline drinking coffee.
– Sometimes dates will be offered with the coffee

Things to know about UAE culture

– Shacking hands
– Eye contact with elders
– The Nose Touch:
Arab Nationals touch noses three times as they shake hands.
This is a traditional Bedouin greeting.

Wedding Ceremony

-What are the changes between marriage now and before?
– Applying Henna for special occasions

Music and Dances

-Al Ayala dance
-Al Yoola

Traditional sports

Most known traditional sports in UAE are:
Al Ganas (Hunting for habara bird)


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