Day 1

Tuesday 24/06/08

lunch at maryam’s grandfather’s house


ZU Cultural presentation

-UAE Old and new: Asma, Maryam Al Sayegh

– Islam: Maryam Zarouni

-Abaya: Shamsa, Sharina

LUNCH with family

-Emirati sweets: Roudha + tasting

Dubai Museum

Day 2

Wednesday 25/06/08

Gold Souq

Al Ahmadiya School

Bait Al Trath

Abra Ride

Day 3

Thursday 26/06/08

Jumeirah Mosque

Madinat Jumeirah

Nakheel (Presentation + Palm Jumeirah)

Day 4

Friday 27/06/08

Mey’s Wedding Ceremony at Grand Hyatt

Day 5

– Meet up in Mall of the Emirates some girls went to Ski Dubai, dinner, and others preferred shopping.

Day 6

– Brain storming, discussed our views and opinions that we had on one another. So we listed the stereotypes we had about the United Arab Emirates and United Stated.

– Came up with the mission statement.

– Couple of ideas or approaches to how we were going to implement this in our project.

– Got a critique from the professors.

– Project name was founded.

– Started writing our the questions for the survey.

Day 7

– More questions were written.

– WordPress account was created.

– After agreeing on the questions, we have published them online and sent out the links to people we knew.

– Facebook account was also created.

Day 8

– Gathering the responses.

Day 9

Day 11

Dinner at Mina al Salam in al Muna restaurant hosted by MICA.

Day 12

– Group critique in class.
– After the critique we decided to actually change our approach completely. The problem was how do we interpret these responses in a graphical way. So we looked at information graphics.
– Moreover, after choosing the different reds from the UAE and USA flag we decided to use some of the questions for the posters. We compared and contrasted them in

Day 13

– Some of us worked on the posters, translations, stickers, blog and illustrations.

Day 14

– Finalized everything
– Irina, Roudha, Noora and Asma were all interviewed for this documentary.
– Went to the printing press at around 1pm
– Went again to Al Suwaidi to print the book at around 8pm.
– Assembled the book, cd, stickers and poster and we were done by 3 am.

Day 15

– Rachael interview
– ZU/MICA presentations

اليوم الأول

الثلاثاء24 /06/08

الغداء في بيت جد مريم


عرض طالبات جامعة زايد عن حضارت الامارات

حاضر و مستقبل الامارات: مريم الصايغ ـ اسماء

الإسلام: مريم الزرعوني

عباية: شمسة ـ شرينة

غداء عائلي

حلوه اماراتية: روضة

متحف دبي

اليوم الثاني

الأربعاء 25/06/08

سوق الذهب

مدرسة الأحمدية

بيت التراث

ركوب العبرا

اليوم الثالث

الخميس 26/06/08

مسجد جميرا

مدينة جميرا

نخيل : عرض + النخلة في جميرا

اليوم الرابع

الجمعة 27/06/08

حفل زفاف مي في جراند حيات


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