Noora Dakhan

Noora Dakhan was born in Dubai, UAE in 1987. She studies in two school and graduated from Dubai National School. Currently, she is studying in Zayed Univeristy for a bachelor degree in art with the concentration of Graphic Design. As an Emirati artist, Noora is influenced by her society’s religion, culture, and tradition. The Cosmopolitan Dubai is a main source of inspiration that is reflected in her work. She is fascinated to know about different cultures and depicts that in her artwork

Irina Dukhnevich

Is Ukrainian. Irina was born on April 11, 1988 in Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine. At the age of fifteen she moved to the United States of America. Currently she is studying at the Maryland Institute College of Art and will be graduating in spring 2010. Irina V. Dukhnevich is majoring in Environmental Design, focusing on architecture and industrial design. Her work includes building and product design, paintings, drawings, photography, and graphic design.

Roudha Rashed

Roudha Rashed was born in Dubai, UAE in 1985. She studied in three different schools in Dubai, and currently she is completing her studying for bachelor of art degree with the concentration of Graphic Design in Zayed University.

Roudha has had a passion for art since childhood, where she used to collect drawing and coloring books during her free time. When she enrolled in the university it was a lifetime opportunity to enhance her skills as an artist throughout the design courses that she took. Her vision as an artist is to create work that is simple yet effective and straight forward.

Asma Saif

Born in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and raised in various countries around the world, Asma Ibrahim H. Saif has always been intrigued by the diverse cultures that she has been exposed to. She is currently obtaining her B.A in Art & Design, majoring in Graphic Design from Zayed University in Dubai, U.A.E. Her work includes graphic design, photography both Digital and Manual (B/W), painting, and printmaking.

Before discovering my interest in graphic design, I have always been driven to create work that had a spirit of reality. Coming from a mixed environment, I’ve always been inspired by history, the modern world, society, the issues around me and most importantly my Emarati/Algerian background. My line of work isn’t only about sending out a message, but rather merging these inspirations and design elements. Where I find a solution in which I can combine these ideas in a contemporary way to make a statement.

Being exposed to many cultures, and environments, I have learned that my passion for art has no boundaries. My vision is to be able to be part of the art movement in the United Arab Emirates and to be recognized.

Rachael Umbriano

Rachael Umbriano is an American from Boston, Massachusetts. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia in April of 1988. Currently she is studying graphic design at the Maryland Institute, College of Art. Rachael will graduate in December 2009 with as a graphic design major with a concentration in book arts and a minor in culture and politics, focusing on political violence. The majority of her work involves social and political issues in the cultures and societies experiences.


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